Ageha Prem, Denmark

Holistic psychotherapist

Advanced Cert. TRE provider

Cert. QEC coach  (Quantum Energy Coaching)  

Certified Access Consciousness TTTE facillitator

Cert. Tibetan Pulsing Healer
and Iris interpreter

Meditation teacher

Spiritual Coach


Earthwitch (Shaman) 

The name Ageha Prem
was given to me in 1976, in India by my former spriritual master OSHO. (Left the Earth plane in 1990)  

In the realms of OSHO,
I participated in a broad spectrum of activities. All with one and the same purpose: MEDITATION.

Meditation is a state of being, rather than an activity of some kind.
Meditation can arise during any activity: Silent sitting. Dancing. Vegetable chopping. Toilet cleaning. Laughing. Playing music. 

Every activity can be applied to deepen our state of meditation. 

Life with OSHO offered an abundance of skills made available with the huge variety of body- and psychotherapy educations and trainings that were made available.   The years with OSHOconstitute the main background for my current work nowadays. 

How I work: 
Mainly using tools and processes from TREQEC , tools from Access Consciousness, Ancient knowledge from the Tibetan monasteries, shamanism and meditative practices. 

My wish is to offer ease, trust and comfort, fysically as well as mentally, for you whether you are taking a workshop, retreat or session package. 
In my perception only with the utmost degree of gentleness can we invite and activate the body's innate selfhealing facilities and create the best possible results.

You will be provided with 
tools and hints needed to claim and own your core essence, for knowing that you know and for accessing your own consciousness and innate wisdom.  

Acknowledging Your body
and its subtle messages as an important factor within your life and well being. 

Within the TRE Modality
I have special training in providing TRE for children and also in providing TRE for clients with TRE or Parkinson's. 


Quantum Energy Coaching
May 2018

Birmingham, UK
Trained and certified by Dr. Melanie Salmon

2010 - 2013

Psykoterapeutisk Center, Brovst.
Cert. TRE provider (Advanced)
Trained and certified by Dr. David Berecli


Access Consciousness

2010 - 2015

Trained Bars facilitator, having certified hundreds of students. 

Body Process
Trained Body Process facillitator. 

Talk To The Entities (TTTE) 
Trained Talk to The Entities facillitator. 


OSHO Multiversity

OSHO Scool of Tibetan Pulsing Healing

V. Late Shantam Dheeraj 
Tibetans Pulsing Healing and Eye reading
Cert. Facillitator.

OSHO Scool of Hypnosis
V. Madita Dickhut
NLP Practitioner.

OSHO School of Mysticism

Esoteric Sciences and Clairvoyance
By. Prasad, Leela & team

Cert. Provider.

Aura Soma 

Osho School of Healing Arts
Practitioner in Esoteric Energywork.  


Meditation Teacher

Provider of guided meditations, quiet sittings and active meditations. 

Mindfulness in Work-Meditation 
Mentor og teacher.


Classical piano.  
Classical Hindustani vocal training
Music for meditation, healing og relaxation
Sound engineer
CD-releases Fønix Musik


Scandinavian School 
of Shamanic Studies

Basisk Shaman Training 
(Shamanic Journey)
By Jonathan Horwitz

Teachers and sources of inspiration.

"Never born, Never died"
Master of Masters

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Susanne Prabhuta ( RIP )
The School of Remembering

Dr. Melanie Salmon
TRE for Children
Quantum Energy Coaching

Gary M. Douglas og Dr. Dain Heer 

Access Consciousness

Dr. David Berceli
Trauma and stress release "TRE"

Shantam Dheeraj (RIP)
Susanne Prabhuta (RIP) 

Tibetan Pulsing Healing and Eye Reading

Ratu Bagus, Sensei, Bali:
Bio Energy Shaking

Jonathan Horwitz
Scandinavian School of Shamanistic Studies.