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Special offer for you: 
The TRE Basis Series
ONLINE Sessions. 

Can be attended from anywhere with sufficient Wifi to support video meetings on Skype or Zoom.
This series is your best startup with TRE, insuring your safety, comfort and optimizing your results. 

Why take the TRE Basic Series?
It is perhaps easy to learn the simple TRE exercises. You can probably even find them somewhere on Youtube. 

Once you have tried out TRE a couple of times, you will discover, that there is so much more to TRE, than just the 7 initial exercises. 
Many who are new to TRE ask for extra support.
At least trough the initial phase,  starting up with TRE can pose physical as well as psychological and emotional responses, that can be surprising and perhaps even a little challenging. 

For some, remaining "on track" require strong and solid focusing.  

I have put together this TRE Basic Series for you, who wish to bring TRE into your daily routines, and get even with the issues and challenges that could have bugged you for years.
Stress, trauma, tensions, pains, stiffness, sleeplessness and more. 

The Basic Series offer an affordable possibility to receive the guidance and support required to: 

  • inspire stability and insure the dynamics in your TRE homepracticing. 
  • Optimizing your results. 
  • Supporting  and assisting with the clearing of that which your TRE practicing could bring up, such as emotions, feelings and physical challenges along the way. 


The series is topped with one QEC session. 
It can of course be modified along the way, according to your needs and wishes. 

As we proceed, you will be offered homework, such as daily use of TRE, and keeping a journal and more.

No previous TRE experience is required for the TRE Basic Series. 
However, If you have already had some introduction to TRE, the series is a great opportunity for follow up and solidifying your practice for best results.  



TRE Basic series, 5 sessions ONLINE. 

Session 1, 60 min: TRE Startup
Session 2, 60 min: TRE followup/supervision
Session 3, 60 min: TRE followup/supervision
Session 4, 90 min: QEC conversation
Session 5, 60 min: TRE followup/evaluation
Your special offer: € 430,- 
Ideally your TRE Basic Series should be completed within maximum 3 months. 

More details:  

First session, TRE startup: 
Learning the TRE exercises korrect. Possibility to make the neccessary ajustments to suit you and your body's best comfort and ease. 
Guidning and feedback during the response phase, when your body goes into the tremoring. 
After your first session you will receive the resumé doc, featuring all the exercises, to assist you remembering all the details whenever you wish to use TRE on your own afterwards.  

The following TRE sessions: 

Feedback and ajustements of your hope practicing, for your best comfort. 
Support in overcoming possible blocks and other initial challenges. 
Guidance in the dosage of your tremoring phases and resting phases.  

Your QEC session is a conversation, to open the possibility for bringing change to any issue, including the ones that appear a little more tough and solidified.

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